We at PomPom your life! are there for every aspect of your big day, your bridal shower and wedding decoration.

Event Design + Styling
Everything in our Event Design + Styling is about making your wedding as personal and as beautiful as possible. We go beyond just arranging the table decoration and the flowers and look at every single element of your wedding. We help you define your vision and bring your personal style to life under our creative guidance.

Decoration Rental
In our decoration rental you will find a curated selection of small furniture and decorative items from different eras for stylish celebrations. Often it is the small details that make a party special and unforgettable. Our small, fine pieces with history and charm fit on many occasions. They beautify weddings, birthdays, corporate events, a special dinner for two, styled shoots and more.

Fine Art Boutique
It has never been easier to add beauty and special details to your wedding…

Irka worked with us to develop the concept for our summer wedding in July 2016 and there was no doubt right from the start that she was the perfect fit for us. We had a thousand beautiful ideas but no common thread. Irka picked up on our ideas, sorted them out, added them and put them together in a beautiful way, which far exceeded our expectations. There is no "No" or "That's not possible" or "Something I do not have" for Irka because she has the right idea for everything and everyone and makes every concept something very special! For every decoration problem there is a solution and this is always far away from any standard solution. She has made our wedding to something very special! Meanwhile, I regularly recommend her in my job as a wedding planner to my clients. Without exception, all have been very, very grateful for this (still) secret tip and we have implemented beautiful wedding concepts together.

Anja and Matthias

I really enjoy working with Irka and would highly recommend her to any bride and groom. Her unbelievable sense for colors and materials and her ideas and concepts are so true to style and relevant to the bride and groom that it is a pleasure to work with her as a wedding designer and stylist.

Thanks to her concepts customers can decide for a style in which they can orient themselves. This eliminates the uncertainties with customers, whether they may not want to have another topic or if they can mix several styles.

Irka is such a grounded person. Friendly, cheerful, so balanced in nature that it gives you a familiar feeling. She reflects the situation, the desires and achieves incredible results.

Friederike Rahlfes

For me, Irka's greatest strengths are her creativity combined with her perfectionism. Both are absolutely contagious and for me always motivation to put on a "shovel". I am also fascinated by her fine sense for ideas, looks and her love of detail in the implementation.

Ria Saage